The Hard Stuff


My head has been spinning the last couple of days trying to reconcile some thoughts…I’m sure most of you can relate on some level.  You read something and just can’t quite seem to wrap your head around  it…or you don’t necessarily agree with it but can’t put your finger on why not. Or my personal favorite…it’s hard and you just don’t want to put in the effort to figure it all out…leave that for the smart people.

But that’s part of my struggle today.   Our lives have become so noisy and frankly we’ve become lazy.  Instant access, Google, smart phones, crazy schedules, social media, etc.

I don’t seem to have the bandwidth, the focus or the discipline that I used to have…

For Lent I decided to do the Best Yes Study.  There is nothing revolutionary about it for me…HELLO…I study time management and productivity all the time…tweaking my calendar and priorities is a weekly event and I know how to use a mind map to sketch out a year’s worth of goals and objectives…I know HOW to do this stuff.


But the Best Yes challenges us to discern the difference in saying YES and saying YES to GOD.  Discerning what is God’s call on our life and then making room in our schedules for that calling.

What’s your calling?  Do YOU feel God calling you to spend time on a purpose in your life?

BECAUSE I have no idea!?!

The author shares how when she went through this process she knew she had the gift of writing so she carved out time to start writing…fast forward and now she’s an awesome author with many books, a non-profit and speaking engagements around the world.  Great – really, great.  But that’s a lot of pressure because I HAVE NO IDEA!

I’m blessed to be working for the Kingdom.  I am blessed to be working at a job that aligns beautifully with my gifts, talents, and skills. AND I’m not necessarily discerning a call to do something different or in addition to what I’m already doing.


What if I’m already doing what I’m called to do???

But my soul is still underwhelmed…

That’s where my head starts spinning and on one hand I want to succumb and get distracted by the world…take the easy, less effort way out.

But I don’t want an underwhelmed soul…

Then let’s get to work girl.

So for today…who knows, I might be singing another tune tomorrow because that’s how a life’s journey usually plays out, my Best Yes / Lent challenge is to be a ninja with my time.    To cut out the noise.  To be cognizant and intentional about how I’m spending time.  I really don’t think it’s about the big rocks but rather the small times.  It’s about the lack of quiet, lack of reflection, lack of dreaming…it’s about not picking up that damn phone every time I have 30 seconds of downtime.  It’s about people watching.  It’s about taking a walk and reconnecting with myself, my soul, and of course the two dogs walking with me. It’s about sitting outside and doing absolutely nothing. It’s about the present time.

Pay attention

BUT…I will also work on that apathetic attitude towards this hard challenge.  I really have no idea if God is calling me to adjust my schedule for a greater purpose or I am really where I’m supposed to be.  That’s where wisdom kicks in.  In addition to the Best Yes study, we’ve been challenged to read through Proverbs.  To seek wisdom as if it was as precious as silver.  I will create margin and quiet in my schedule to think about the hard stuff…to think, to pray, to listen, to seek Him.

Keep y’all posted!

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Donna Matthews is a blog writer at the DJRanch where she strives to remain authentic while not taking herself too seriously. She is also the creator of Slay The Chaos (, where she writes about productivity and organization. She is a member of The Writers Guild and Write Space in Houston and is currently writing her first book.