This morning was probably the last time I will drive Evan to school…tomorrow he is scheduled to take his driving test and barring complications he’ll be driving himself here on out.

1999-09 Evan Portrait-croppedYears, years and more years ago I read an article when he was a baby  that basically encouraged moms to remember the LAST.  We all focus on the FIRST but what about the last…the last bottle, the last bedtime story, the last diaper change (woowho) the last time I carried him in my arms.  I’ve always felt lucky reading that article when he was so small because I was and am better aware of the LAST.  Oh, I’m sure I’ve missed a few…life marches on and each and every day we are different people.  The things he used to do as a child changed when he became a young teen…now they’re changing again. But I’m sure if he hears me say one more time “hey, this is the last…” he’ll roll his eyes.

2015-06 Evan and MomIt was a quiet ride to school…a couple of words spoken…an acknowledgement that this was the last ride.  Me a little melancholy (but let’s keep it real…so very happy to have that madhouse parking lot scene behind me) and him so very excited to be moving on to driving himself.

He’s in a hurry to grow up…he can’t wait to spread his wings.  Break free of his parents and all that holds him back.  Ultimately, I’m so very proud and excited for him…youth…brand new beginnings…discovering yourself…becoming you. It’ll be exciting to watch.

But yeah…back to me.

Hurry always empties a soul…slow
Ann Voskamp

Paying attention and slowing down allows me to savor the LASTS…to even recognize that this might be the LAST.  Not to get all morbid…but really…every day is a gift and life as you know it can change on a dime.  Shoot…this afternoon could be radically different that you ever imagined.

shutterstock_324605645Slow down, rebel against the hurry, sip your coffee this morning and bask in your Father’s love…Christmas is here.

xoxoxox – DM

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