Day 8 – Happy Birthday Trevor!

My dearest Trevor,

Happy Birthday!

I’m so proud of you off at college on your own – working to support yourself, going to class and living on your own.  I know it feels hard and maybe not even fair but there is a method to my madness – I want you to struggle – I feel like it’s the most “loving” thing I can do for you in this season.

You’ll discover new reserves of character on a daily basis.  Your self-esteem will soar as you do more and more on your own.  Your struggles, hard work and discipline today are preparing you to be the man you were created to be.

You’re growing up son and it’s a wonderful, scary and challenging time of life AND you’re doing GREAT!

StruggleDid you know that grapes grow best in rocky soil? The rocks force the roots to go deep.  And because the soil is rocky, the plant focuses on the fruit and not so much the leaves. The leaves are fluff – but the fruit – that’s the evidence of an incredible life.

You’re doing great babe and I love you to the moon and back.

xoxoxo – Mom
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Donna Matthews is a blog writer at the DJRanch where she strives to remain authentic while not taking herself too seriously. She is also the creator of Slay The Chaos (, where she writes about productivity and organization. She is a member of The Writers Guild and Write Space in Houston and is currently writing her first book.