Day 11 – Great Things

Give yourself permission to live a BIG life. Stop playing small.  You’re meant for GREAT things.

– October Commit30 Planner Motivation (affiliate link – learn more)

Yay or Nay?

This morning I was talking to my 18yo new college student.  We are like two ships passing in the night – I leave in the morning before he’s up and he’s back home late at night.  We live under the same roof but rarely see each other.  Except for about 60 seconds on Monday and Wednesday morning.  I catch him between the kitchen and the front door at approximately 7:40a – a quick hug and see you later.

Except for this morning, I managed a “hey, how’s school going?” and I got about 20-30 seconds of why it’s not going well.  He doesn’t like it – like at all.


I sense he’s feeling like college may not be for him.  But he’s not sure what else to do.  I desperately want him to know how amazing he is and how he’s meant for great things.  Not necessary because of HIM but because it’s a truth about us ALL.

Ahem. All?

Did you squirm a little?  We have such great big feelings and enthusiasm for our children but not always so much for ourselves.  Me? Meant for GREAT things? Absolutely yes.

Just remember, however – that your GREAT thing might not (probably won’t) look like another’s GREAT thing.  And our children? They’re on their own GREATNESS path as well.

Until tomorrow,

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