Great Grace

New Work Week – New Challenges

As I start a new work week, my head spinning with all that needs to be done, I was gifted with eyes to see and ears to hear this morning.

Periodically I pick a Bible verse and focus on it a little bit every day as part of my morning routine.  Some days it’s a perfunctory reading (yeah, yeah) but other days the words penetrate and I hear God.

To speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.
Titus 3:2

This Bible verse is as much about my heart as my actions…requiring sanctification and recognition of God’s grace in my own walk.  This morning, along with some other readings, I am reminded how powerful grace is in our walk.  Not necessarily the grace of God, which is tremendous, but rather the grace we have for one another.

God’s Great Grace

Speak evil of no one – not my spouse, co-workers or fellow commuters…all day, every day.

Avoid quarreling – the relationship is more important than being right.

Be gentle – in action and spirit.

Show perfect courtesy toward all people – courtesy is the showing of politeness in
one’s attitude and behavior toward others.  Again…spouses, children, co-workers…a simple please and thank you goes a long way.

So in spite of a busy week, lots to focus on, and the temptation to plow through with all the gentleness of an elephant, I was reminded that I have received God’s GREAT grace and am called to live differently and to also show great grace to others.

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