Day 8 – Showing Up

You know what’s crazy?

When we compare ourselves to others.  I am not a hospital kind of gal – I had my baby and now get me home – except I was jumping from the kettle into the fire. All the way home I was struck with the incredulous feeling that they let two woefully unprepared people take this infant home.

But believe or not – that idea also gave me courage and gumption. We weren’t the first parents to feel this way – nor would we be the last – we just had to stop looking at what everyone else was doing and just show up and do our best.

And where did my best take us? I wasn’t the best cook for sure – there were a-many of cereal nights growing up. I wasn’t the most creative mom and homework wasn’t always high on the priority list. I didn’t stay home and work sometimes had me home later than I wished.  There were many late nights and some skipped days. I was pretty average if not below average on today’s mothering scorecard.

Trevor baked his own birthday cake one year ????

But what I did excel at was the adventures…if I’ve passed on anything, it’s go see the whole wide world. My favorite mothering moments were packing up the car to head out into the great unknown on a new venture. It was seeing and showing my children how amazing it was out there. And now, 21 years around the sun, Trevor is off on his own adventures. Sure, there may be more to share but the torch is mostly passed. Maybe our next adventure will be orchestrated by him…I’d love that.

Motherhood isn’t a one way or the high way adventure – it’s this amazing opportunity to pass on the things you love in addition to your love. It’s about showing up with all your strengths, your passions, yourself. I am overwhelmed this evening by the great privilege of sharing my life with him.

Happy birthday beautiful ???? – here’s to many, many more summits, trails, and tall tales. And do it your way – show up and do your best.

Until tomorrow,

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