Day 7 – Now

The Time is NOW

Check out this fabulous watch.  If I wasn’t so in love with my apple watch, I’d consider buying it.  I found it on stealbacktime‘s instagram. An amazing instagram page by the way.

Now is the time – not tomorrow. Not sure why we find that concept so hard. I think it comes back to control. By thinking about tomorrow we are measuring up our options and responses – not leaving anything to chance – and that’s all fine and good when you’re younger and don’t know any better. But I KNOW better – after you’ve been around the sun 47 times you’d think I’d have this time / now thing down.

Ephemeral – lasting a very short time. Transitory.

NOW is ephemeral.

This is both good news and bad news.

Let’s tackle the bad first – you never know when your life will turn on a dime.  At any given time our lives can take a devastating turn…which can be an amazing wake-up call to well, wake up. No amount of planning, research, thinking, pondering, wishing, projecting, preparation can help this fact. One day life is one way and then the next it’s not.

But this works in our favor as well – having a crappy day?  A season particularly challenging.  Emotions all a whack?  These too shall pass.  Nothing about life is permanent. So embrace the moments. The time is now.

Until tomorrow,

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