Day 27 – Peer Pressure

Remember that entry from the other day about the brain. One of the things we talked about in the class the insane nature of peer pressure. Peer pressure isn’t only about “hey do this, do this, do this” until you relent. Sometimes peer pressure is simply following the person in front – check out the video.

Crazy huh. Another story the counselor told us was a about 5 people (involved in the experiment) were in a room and then the subject walked in and sat down. A bell rang and the initial 5 stood and then sat back down. The subject looked around and finally whispered “why are y’all standing up?” and the answer was “I don’t know, it’s just what we do.” and then the next time the bell rang, all 6 people stood up. As time passed – eventually all 5 of the initial people were “called in” to the office leaving the 1 subject. Bell rang and the 1 subject stood up. Then a new subject came in and after a couple of bell cycles they also started to stand, creating a new generation of people standing that had NO IDEA WHY they were standing.

Check out this video for a little more insight on the brain and peer pressure…

Fascinating …seems we’re hardwired to stay in the pack – our very survival demands it. So as an old wise saying goes…

“Choose your friends wisely. How they act has an impact on how you will act. Be around people that will encourage you to do the right thing.” – Unknown

And as I would say – be brave, wake up and be mindful, be curious, ask why on a regular basis and of course choose your friends wisely.

xoxox- DM

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