Day 26 – Time Machine

If you had a time machine, where would you go?

If you live with regret, you might want to travel backward to undo a conversation or action.

If you live in fear of change, you might hop on board the train headed towards the future…hoping to see how things work out.

But as of 10/26/2017, the time machine has not been invented…and yet we still try to time travel. We still spend our days outside of today.

I look back over my last year. This time, last October, life was full of unknowns on the family front. And over the course of the year, up and down, all around, many of those issues have settled into a new reality. I don’t mean to be cryptic but I do mean to say that upheavals tend to leave a new reality in their wake. I can’t say things are back to normal because #1 what is normal and #2 it’s crazy to think that things will ALWAYS be the same…therefore normal. It is what it is and it’s our new reality.

This October is faced with a new set of unknowns – the family front is quiet but now the career and personal front are facing uncertainty.

Truth be known, I’d be tempted to travel into the future. Fast forward past the suspense to see how it all works out.


It’s like reading the first and last chapter of a book. The first chapter sets the stage and the last chapter, if you’re lucky, shows how everything got resolved. But here’s the irony…those books that wrap everything up all nice and neat are mostly annoying. Life’s not that tidy. Nor that boring. And you might get to the last chapter and wonder what in the world happened…not able to recognize anything about your life. Or…you’re not there. 😬

There’s this whole middle of the book that you miss if you jump to the end. You miss the lives of the people. You miss the motives and circumstances that got people from point a to point b. You miss the plot twists. You miss the sweet spots and detours. You miss the life of the book. You miss the story.

We see unknown times as out of the ordinary when in reality they are the reality. Every single day is full of unknowns. We just aren’t always aware of what we don’t know.

I love the movie “Butterfly Effect” with Ashton Kutcher – about a boy/man that can travel back in time to change small things in his past – but he quickly discovers the smallest change has huge consequences for his future. He then keeps going back to try to fix what he last broke. And again and again. It becomes quite a mess 😂

That’d be the biggest problem with traveling to the future…your now would become your past. What you see in the future – assuming you head back to the now – would shape a new future. No way around the mess.

So here we are – today – with an unknown future – BUT with a known God. 

I’d love to hear where you’d go and why,

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Donna Matthews is a blog writer at the DJRanch where she strives to remain authentic while not taking herself too seriously. She is also the creator of Slay The Chaos (, where she writes about productivity and organization. She is a member of The Writers Guild and Write Space in Houston and is currently writing her first book.

2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Time Machine

  1. Camille

    I would go back to the summer I returned from being an exchange student. You see, I love my exchange family very much. This was the biggest event that occurred in my lifetime other than my wedding and birth of my children. Upon return, I communicated with them through letters and some phone calls. Cellphones were not invented yet so the cost to call was not cheap. I was in college and paying for it. As time went and I didn’t use my Spanish as much, I became uncomfortable with it and embarrassed should I make mistakes in my writing or verbal communication. So, I didn’t write as much but called the son, who spoke English, but not the other members. Today, they rightfully feel as though I abandoned them through the years. They don’t want to have anything to do with me. Although I try to use Facebook, email translations, and all the tools we have today, they are not interested in communicating with me. I love them dearly and my heart is broken that I no longer hear from them, can speak to them or go visit them. I am dead to them. My children are also missing out on a family that is filled with love, are wonderful teachers and opened their home and family to me. I would do it differently and I would never let my insecurities get in the way of my relationship with others.

    • Donna Matthews Post author

      Thanks for sharing! Yes, regret and damaged relationships are definitely something I wish we could fix :(

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