Day 25 – History Lessons

It’s the second game of the world series…and my husband is yelling at the tv…and I haven’t written the day’s entry.

Let’s knock it out.

There are many times I read the Bible and smack my forehead. Come on people. But you know what? Hindsight is 20/20…and a couple thousand years later…of course we see the whole picture in ways those that lived it couldn’t.

Case in point – the Israelites lived in exile for 70 years or so…and when the exile was over, many Israelites remained in Babylon – not embracing their new freedom.

70 years – it’s a whole generation of people – a whole lifetime.

A thousand years from now (assuming our planet doesn’t implode) a writer will have the benefit of hindsight. The writer will fit our history into neat compartments…Modern, Post-Modern, Gen-X, iGen…etc. But you and me…right now…we’re in the middle. Someday a reader will judge our actions, our time in history…and either head-smack or admire. Study us to either avoid our mistakes or learn from our success.

How will we be remembered in history?

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