Day 16 – None of us is making it out alive

Days Gone Missing

If you’ve been following me at all during October you know I’m in the middle of a 31-day writing challenge…AND if you’ve paid any attention at all you would have noticed that days 14 and 15 are missing.  And for reals, I would have loved for day 16 to go missing as well…but alas, I am out of excuses.  My weekend was a whirlwind of fabulous activity…coffee and breakfast with friends, a dog rescued from death row (animal shelter), a wedding, dinner with friends and family, and the best-ever-experience of jumping out of an airplane.  Simply Exhilarating.


I’ve been a little obsessed with the idea of death lately.  Maybe obsessed is a little strong…curious.  I’ve held the idea, and like a rubrics cube, I’ve tried to figure it out using different combinations.

Case in point.  One of the skydiving instructors was talking to our family before the jump and threw out jokingly “None of us is making it outta here alive.” and we all chuckled.  Haha – so true. And the conversation moved on.

But the thought kept rolling around in my head.  Of course, none of us is getting out of here alive but I don’t always live that truth.  My mind generally assumes another day, another week, another year.  I also place importance on unimportant things.  And preparing myself to jump from an airplane at 14,000 feet of altitude, what if today was my last day – would I be satisfied with how I had spent my gift of days?  Would God?

And holding the idea of death – the inevitability of it all – has made me all the more desperate to be in God’s will – better one day in his court than a thousand elsewhere.

Until tomorrow,

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