Day 14 – Mail

five-minute-friday-4It’s five-minute friday and the prompt is mail.

When I first saw the promo I was like “what the heck do I write on that?”  but the more thought I gave to it, mail is simply an old fashioned form of written communication.  And then I started to think about other forms of communication.

There is the non-verbal: heard the funniest expression the other day “resting bitch face” lol – like when someone is just looking at you with “THAT” face.  Then there is also the silent treatment and arms crossed.  While, they MIGHT not send the signals we intend, they should be mindful and considered.

Then there’s verbal: we’re all familiar with talking but we have a saying around the office “The issue is not the issue” – which means we’ve got to learn to say what we really mean and learn to listen between the lines.  And I might add – be willing to listen between the lines – to take the time to really figure out what people are trying to communicate. Humility and investment.

Finally there’s my personal favorite – the written communication:  It’s the safest right?  I have the ability to control what is said and how…I can edit, think, ponder before sharing…which I am terrible at verbally.  But it is also out there forever…much like the mail of past days…and must be treated with care.

Anywho – mindfulness today on how and what and when I am communicating. Words, in all forms, used with care.

Times up…I really must work on my typing skills :)

xoxoxo – DM

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