Day 13 – To Hell With It

He (Solomon) immersed himself in his work, trying to do something significant with his life or to make a name for himself, but this also proved to be a vexation to his soul; he had nothing to show for all of his heavy labor. – Why Everything Matters, Ryken

I’m a Logophile – sounds terrible doesn’t it 😂. It’s someone who loves words. Like VEX. Great word.

Vexation of his soul – irritated, annoyed.

And if you spend any time in Ecclesiastes you’ll feel vexed as well. It’s a tough book.

The opening chapter of Ecclesiastes talks about how everything is meaningless, that life’s as permanent as mist on a hot day, and ponders the question “why even bother.”

But rather than throwing our hands in the air, I invite you today to stop taking IT so seriously. IT being everything.

I invite you to say the hell with it and just relax and be in the ride.

It’s like a rollercoaster.

You get on and man it’s a wild ride. Up, down, in circles, around turns, upside down. Imagine the difference in the ride grasping the lap bar, teeth gripped, lips bared, resisting every turn. Or how about trying to anticipate the next section of track before you get there and completely missing the section of track you’re currently on. Compared to hands up in the air, taking each section as it comes…

That was fun!
Oy – that one kind of sucked.
That was amazing!
Oh, I don’t want to do THAT one again.
Thank God that part’s behind us.

And then you pull into the loading station – ride over. How do you want to look back over that ride? And much like a rollercoaster – it goes by faster than we can even imagine.

See ya tomorrow,

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Today’s word: INVITE – link up here.

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