Day 11 – Carpe Diem

Travel is the only thing you buy the makes you richer – UnknownIMG_1630

This picture is worth a thousand words and so true for me.  It’s totally ridiculous but Polly and I sat down the other day and determined that I had traveled more months than not this year.  From Boston in the northeast to Arkansas in the south, to the Grand Canyon in the west, back to the east to Tennessee, down way south to Cabo San Lucas and currently back to the northeast  in Maine.  It’s been a FABULOUS year!

I’m afflicted with wanderlust…
A strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Why so much travel?  Granted, this year has been quite extraordinary but I absolutely believe that life is about the moments and memories…I’d much rather spend money on a memory as opposed to something material.

There are two attractions that make travel so lovely for me.

Traditional trips: Every year our family travels to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving.  We LOVE that trip – LOVE the getting out of town for the holiday – LOVE the tradition – LOVE the people – LOVE the memories.

Adventure trips: Secondly, I LOVE, LOVE adventure.  First thing I did when we arrive at this old renovated 1870s farmhouse was look through the rooms and I found a scary old basement – woowho…let’s go explore.  That’s what I’m talking about.  I’m in a new town, new area of the country, and can’t wait to begin exploring the miles and miles of fall foliage.  It’s gonna be a GREAT adventure this week.

Leading into why Maine in the fall?  Why, the fall foliage of course…bucket list check mark.  Everyone should have a bucket list of places/things they would love to do and then start making it happen.

Tomorrow, next year, someday are not guaranteed.

Finally, everyone should have great friends to travel with…James and I are traveling with our dear friends Jade and Julie…many, many past adventures and if we’re lucky…many, many more.

xoxoxo – DM

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