Conquering My Kitchen (Weeks 2-6)

Today’s #shooteverydamnday prompt is “A corner of your house”.  In my house, the bedrooms are divided into three basic areas – the master, the boys and the guest.  Each weekend, the boys are tasked with cleaning “their corner” of the house…their rooms and their bathroom.

Simple enough.

But without fail, their corner of the house is a disaster each and every week.  Really, I don’t understand the chaos that ensues each week…especially in light of being raised by fairly neat parents.


It was not my original intention to call them out with my photo prompt today but as Trevor stood at the door of his room I heard “oy…why do I do this to myself”…and this gave me pause.

Why is it exactly that we procrastinate doing the things we know we should do…or want to do.  Or we intend to do something and find weeks have passed since we’ve done anything about it?  Kinda like my commitment to blog about Conquering the Kitchen this year.

Oh, I have plenty of excuses…some of them legitimate but regardless…here we are at week 7 and I have week 1 documented and ideas on the other weeks…but nothing completed.  And then for the last week or so, I’ve intended to catch up a week at a time…but since here we are you can guess how that went.

So, like Trevor, I’m asking myself, “why do I do this to myself?” What exactly am I doing?  Placing an unrealistic expectation on myself.  Is it REALLY imperative I recreate/remember/rehash 6 weeks of history, one at a time?  And because the task I set before myself is so daunting I find myself overwhelmed and uninterested in even trying…therefore, falling further behind.  So I’m giving myself a break…recapping what I can and starting fresh this week.  And the boys…they’ll have to discover their own reasons/motives for not keeping up…as we all do it.

Weekly Banner

February…weeks 5 and 6…

IMG_6162Boston Girls Trip…soooo much fun.  The week after, not so much…been down and out with a terrible cold.

January…week 4

No flipping idea…got behind, procrastinated and well…nothing.

I do however have some pictures…so I KNOW some cooking took place.  I also remember a lot of help from the family…the best part of hanging out in the kitchen!

Shhh...he'd be soooo mad if he knew I was snapping pictures!
Shhh…he’d be soooo mad if he knew I was snapping pictures!
This particular recipe called for crumbled Italian sausage.  I'm sure I can find a bag next time!
This particular recipe called for crumbled Italian sausage. I’m sure I can find a bag next time!
My favorite co-cook ...the most chill of the men and the least likely to get impatient with me!
My favorite co-cook …the most chill of the men and the least likely to get impatient with me!

January…week 3

January 22, 2015 – Thursday

Let's go viral y'all! #TrevorFromHastaLaPasta #mamaloves #newwaiter #tipbig
Let’s go viral y’all! #TrevorFromHastaLaPasta #mamaloves #newwaiter #tipbig


Long week and late night work…it’s a Hasta La Pasta evening…first time to visit Trevor at his new job!

January 21, 2015 – Wednesday

It’s Spaghetti @ COTHA – free spaghetti meal each week! Everyone welcome!

January 20, 2015 – Tuesday

IMG_5850What a fun evening with Evan! Months ago he sent me a pizza pop recipe but we never got around to it due to the move and well…back to that kitchen phobia :)

The menu…Pizza Pops

Simple recipe of pizza dough, parsley, pepperoni, garlic, olive oil AND pepper flakes…which I did not have on hand…and neither did either of my neighbors!  More importantly, I just loved hanging out with Evan…some chit chat but mostly quiet.  Just being in the same room working together…awesome.

Lesson Learned: Have all ingredients IN THE house BEFORE starting to cook.

January 19, 2015 – Monday

Mondays are so long and intense, I feel as I’ll never want to cook anything worth anything.  Also, had to run to the store and didn’t get home until 8p.

The menu…Fried chicken from Kroger and Couscous Medley

First off…seriously, why do  I wait until the last moment to buy groceries…well because I HATE the grocery store. But that’s the old way and we are trying to forge a new path.

Lesson Learned: grocery shop over the week and not Monday night. Fried chicken from Kroger is gross.  Loved the Couscous Medley from Cost Plus World Market.

January…week 2

January 17-18, 2015 – Saturday-Sunday

IMG_5838James gone hunting…ice cream/snacking for dinner :) I did however purchase a new apron and black board to announce dinner plans.  Gotta have the right tools!

January 16, 2015 – Friday

Sapaugh/Wilsher wedding celebration…dinner out with Polly!

January 13-15, 2015 – Tuesday-Thursday



Staff retreat at Camp Allen…lots of cooking going on but I stuck with clean up duty.

January 12, 2015 – Monday

Long Monday at work with meetings until 8p…leftover chili from the freezer.

January 11, 2015 – Sunday

Let me start of by saying that the year of kitchen conquering has started off slowly…in addition to lots of company, I have been sick and busy with year-end obligations…the bane of accountants around the world. But here we are…our first entry. What a disaster. Not really, but it could have been so much smoother.

The menu…white bean chili (eMeals)

IMG_5769First off…The recipe called for a dutch oven…which believe it or not, I have…EXCEPT it was still in the fridge from last week. I have a tendency to be lazy in the kitchen…especially while I am sick. Regardless, I started to wash it out and discovered rust. YIKES…really, after just one week. But alas, yes. Fortunately, cast iron CAN be repaired but the process set the rest of the meal behind. Lesson Learned: no cast iron in the refrigerator!

Secondly, I forgot to have all my ingredients together…and then I was missing the chicken broth…good grief, one of the most important ingredients.

Lesson Learned: Have all ingredients pulled together BEFORE starting to cook.

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