Conquering My Kitchen – Week 7

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Saturday – February 21

James home…woowho!  Favorite Tex-Mex restaurant these days is Chuy’s…hmmmm…that jalapeño dip is divine!

Menu: Crispy Tacos and lots and lots of jalapeño dip!

Thursday and Friday – February 19-20

James out of town, Trevor off working…Evan and I decide to skip dinner…no kitchen to clean!

Menu: Nada

Wednesday – February 18 – Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday AND Spaghetti @ COTHA…great fellowship before a powerful service.

Menu: Spaghetti

Tuesday – February 17 – Shrove Tuesday

538335_507887715917103_356662012_nTonight was our traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner at church…yum…which marks the beginning of the season of Lent.

Menu: Pancakes and sausage.


Monday – February 16

Have I mentioned how long and arduous Mondays can be? Of course I have and today was no exception…didn’t get home until after 8p.  The good news was that I thought ahead and prepared a crock pot meal. Hating it in the morning as I try to leave but loving it when I get home…delayed gratification!

Menu: Garlicky Pot Roast by eMeals

Lesson Learned: It’s wasn’t as good as Loretta’s (grandmas) … I really need to get her recipe AND crock pot liners are awesome!  Made clean up super easy!

Sunday – February 15

Lucky Charms…they’re magically delicious!

It’s been a quiet, steady, productive day…my favorite kind of Sunday.  But this evening is very quiet…almost too much.  James is in Guatemala drilling for a water well and both of the boys are out with friends…quiet.  And well, I’m certainly not gonna cook just for myself…so I enjoyed myself a magically delicious bowl of cereal!

Friday – February 13

IMG_6229This evening, James and I had some members of our jeep club over for a Spring Break Wheeling Trip planning dinner.  We will be tackling the Ozark Overland Trail, Devils Den and the Kiamichi Trail over the course of 9 days…it’s gonna be a great time.  Check out this video.  I decided to whip up some chili for the meeting.  I use “whip up” because that’s just what I did…confidently and successfully.  Only thing to improve would be start time…the longer the chili has to simmer, the better the taste and I was pushing it to be done.  Lesson learned.


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