In my humble opinion, the word “blessing” is getting to be over used and clichéd:

What a blessing!
I’m so blessed!
God loves me – look how blessed I am!

I almost want to throw a throat punch when I hear things like this because it implies that if you’re loved and living right you’ll be blessed but if the blessing is missing or if things aren’t going well for you, then God doesn’t love you? You aren’t one of the blessed ones?


I’m not gonna wake up and exclaim “I’m so blessed today!”

But maybe – maybe you do…

There is this place in the Christian walk where you recognize that it’s not about the circumstances at all.  It’s about the relationship.  It’s about amazing grace – recognizing that you were once lost but now have been called home.

I catch glimpses of this place…usually after I’ve said thank you…thank you for the grace.

xoxo – DM


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      And I enjoyed your entry as well…seems we both are recognizing the blessing in the hard stuff ????

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