Donna Matthews - DJ Ranch

Welcome to the DJ Ranch!

My name is Donna Matthews and I am a writer here at the DJ Ranch and the creator of Slay The Chaos, where I write about productivity and organization.

I never imagined myself as a writer.  My college degree is in accounting and I have spent the majority of my adult life working in administration.  Practical, logical, organized and focused.  It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I found myself in a new leadership role that writing became an item in my job description.  My initial entries and efforts were comical but I persevered and now I find myself immersed in this blog, the Houston writing community, and am in the process of writing a memoir.

My personal style is a bit eccentric as I strive to remain authentic while not taking myself too seriously. This corner of the internet is where I share my dreams, struggles, fears, and wins. I believe God is Real, that Love can and does Abound, and Life should be Lived OUT Loud!

I also believe in organization and productivity – and I believe the creative and organized can co-exist.  My services span from personal and business productivity to home management and organization. I believe that the core solution is learning to live mindfully and intentionally. When our mind is clear and calm, we make good decisions. We do not clutter our schedules, our inboxes, our homes with things that do not matter to us. We learn to be brave and say no more often and discover our own Best Yes.

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