Day 13 – Shalom Y’all

31 days Flourish-Day

We decided, over Labor Day weekend, to move into a new home.  Since that fateful weekend my life has been a whirlwind from getting our old home sale ready, becoming nomads, selling the old home, buying the new home, contract falling through on old home, getting old house sale ready again, becoming nomads again, closing on the new home,  selling the old home again, and finally, this week, settling into our new home.  Whew.

I’ve given peace quite a bit of thought over the last couple of days.  It’s so easy to be peaceful when everything is going our way or at least when you see how things can work out (relying on self). But what about the other times when things are crazy, you are out of control, you wonder if you’ve made a mistake, or you cannot imagine for the life of you how this (whatever THIS is) is going to work out? One advantage of being, ahem, older, is the experience of living and following God.  God is faithful, has always been faithful, so why would this time be any different?  Experience builds trust. You can have peace in the midst of turmoil…it’s about confidence in God.

Still, I know it’s hard…I’ve been living in it for the last month.

As I pondered my post for the day, I was thinking of an acrostic poem.  You remember those from childhood, yes?  And yes, being very tired and distracted from the move I was thinking of a way to blog this daily entry with minimum effort!

So yeah…as I thought of the PEACE acrostic I wanted to focus on the attributes of God that focused on peace…but then refocused on the names of God.  Have you ever studied the names of God? Quite fascinating actually. The names of God reveal His character, His works, the who and what of God.

Prince of Peace – Pretty obvious given we’re writing about peace

Elohim – Refers to God’s power and might – he’s GOT whatever is going on

Adonai – Lordship of God – who do I serve? Then why am I worried about the world?

Christ – Anointed One, Messiah – my savior, my redeemer

El-Shaddai – God Almighty – again, he is sovereign and fully in control

So there you go…just a handful of the names God goes by…some of my favorite that relate to peace.

Wishing you confidence and rest in the wisdom and control of God this evening.

Shalom y’all – DM
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