Day 19 – You’re Valuable, Period.

Today I visited a bookstore.  Do y’all remember those?  I used to love, love, love browsing through bookstores.  Not so much anymore with a kindle and the internet.  But nonetheless, I’d waited until the last moment to find a study and the bookstore it was.

I was looking for a study to share with my SH girls.  I was looking for something on Proverbs 31 – you know how when you have a specific thing in mind – surely I know best.  Well I couldn’t find a darn thing…even had an associate help me look.  Hmmmm….why did I wait until the last minute???

So, in mounting anxiety, I look some more and come across a tiny little thing called Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans – looks promising because it’s so small – these girls won’t do homework outside the group (I got over that awhile ago) – but nah…it’s about women and these are young women…but you know, I can’t find WHAT I THOUGHT would be good so why not…again, running out of time.

Wow – what a gem.  The opening session was about establishing our value as women according to the Bible – and how absolutely valuable we are – just the message these young ladies need to hear. Not because they are a Proverbs 31 Woman – the study would probably have been focused on things they needed to do – values they needed to project – ways they needed to behave.  But instead, the message they heard tonight is “You’re valuable.” Period.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

I’ll leave you with the final illustration from the session tonight.  You have a $100 bill – no matter what you do to the bill – crumple, spit, step, grind, etc – it’ll still be worth $100 – friends, you are valuable – no matter what the world has done to you.  No matter what you have done to you.  You are valuable simply in that you are a child of God. Period.

Whew…score one for vacation and procrastination :)

xoxox – DM

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