Conquering My Kitchen – Week 12

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Sunday – March 28

IMG_6802Long day driving down to Victoria and visiting family.  Sweet baby Dayleigh is growing up quick.  Late lunch and run in the evening…gotta lose some pounds and gear up for my Grand Canyon hike coming up in two weeks…woowho!

Saturday – March 27

Booooo…tax prep day.  Thank God for fabulous mother-in-laws who make a mean pork loin and love to feed us.

Friday – March 26

IMG_6765Had a blast in Round Top and Warranton…thank God for good friends, lots of sunshine and crazy metal monkeys!  Dinner out with my love.

Thursday – March 25

Craziness hits the Matthews household!  Thursday was a whirlwind at work with an unscheduled system conversion.  I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say I came home utterly exhausted, skipped dinner and slept long and hard.

Wednesday – March 25

Spaghetti @ COTHA – free meal every single Wednesday. Great fellowship before hanging out with students.

Tuesday – March 24

Happy 24 Mr Matthews :) – for years and years James and I celebrate our month anniversary – every 24th we acknowledge another month in the books.  But that’s not what this blog is about…

Today was a tough, tough day.  I was in a bitter fight with a co-worker…now mind you, the co-worker didn’t know we were in this bitter battle because it was all in my head.  I hate, hate, hate when I let someone run freely in my head.  But God often has a sense of humor and is more concerned with my character over my comfort and I came across the following in my Bible study this morning:

Beloved, how many times have you been wronged and out of righteous indignation stood firm, with your arms crossed and your feet tapping waiting for the other person to apologize?  God calls us to be the “big person” and extend his love and mercy, just as he has done for us.


Let me tell you how much I wanted to be the “big person”.  Why am I telling you all this?  Because my sweet friend Bridgett made me crack up after reading this and sending it to her along with the link for the Standard Process cleanse cookbook… ”

“You’re asking too much! I can’t forgive like Jesus and cleanse at the same time.

And while it made me laugh, it also gave me pause.  Why am I telling you all this? Because we all only have so much bandwidth.  And because after forgiving someone, having a difficult conversation, and owning my own part I was done.  It was an easy breezy breakfast for dinner kind of night. Don’t judge.

Monday – March 23

Hallelujah…Monday cooking has gotten better.  I’ve done a much better job at planning and preparing over the weekend.  Some in response to being nicer to myself but mostly due to the cleanse.  Being vegetables only and following a specific menu, shopping is a must.  It’s been a side benefit to cleansing…not only are the eating habits being refreshed but so are shopping, preparing etc.

Tonight began melancholic…reflecting on my child hanging on the rope I’ve let out.  Nothing super serious…poor decisions regarding homework…but good grief…do your damn homework (anyone?!).  ANYWAY, quiet, pensive kind of mood transformed by the chopping, chopping, chopping away at vegetables…that and the Dinner Music Spotify playlist :)

 Lesson learned: My friend Polly laughs at me…over many things but in this case, my tendency in the kitchen.  I tend to follow a recipe exactly…accumulating all kinds of one time use ingredients.  I guess it comes from my lack of experience.  This is really something I’m working on to overcome.  However, tonight, I should have been paying better attention.  It wasn’t even an exotic ingredient…it was onions. I really don’t like onions very much…so guess what…don’t add the onions…but I did because that was what the recipe called for…  dish was gross :( but recipe noted for next time.

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