2014 Guatemala Mission – Top 10 Moments

This past week I had the honor to spend time in Guatemala with Living Water International.  Our mission was to drill a water well and to teach the community about health, hygiene and the Gospel.  If you’ve ever experienced a mission trip you know it’s so much more than the “mission”. It’s about opening up your heart and falling in love with people you’ve just met.  It’s about letting go of all your expectations, time tables and desires, and submitting to God’s time.  The whole experience is wonderful for the soul.

There is SO MUCH to share…I don’t even know where to start so I thought I’d give a go at my top ten moments…

10 – The Country and Culture

Roosters and chickens
I don’t know why but I absolutely loved the roosters early in the morning…and then the chickens walking around all over the village…all ages from little chicks (had to watch out and not step on them) to adults.

I LOVED the volcano Fuego – it gave us a show several times

The ladies were so beautiful in their clothing.  Each village is designated by a particular patterned skirt.  The older ladies still wear their hair in centuries old style.  In order to make us feel more comfortable and at home in their village they dressed us each day.  I felt a little like a Downton Abbey character!


Coffee and bread
Every morning and evening the ladies of the village served us fresh bread and coffee…it was a time for rest, refreshment and fellowship.
Bread Coffee

Amazing, wonderful, tangible prayer.

9 – My Amazing Race-esque adventure
After taking dozens of pictures we thought it would be nice to have copies made so one of the wonderful young men took us a ride in his Tuk Tuk…a small mobile contraption. Once at the shop, after the pictures were made, it was discovered that they did not take US currency, nor credit.  Oops!  After quite a bit of spanish, a phone call and some negotiating, we were on our way once again…in the Tuk Tuk!

Tuk Tuk

8 – Antigua tour
On our last full day in Guatemala we were given the opportunity to tour the city.  What a great way to end the mission with a trip up to the cross that looks over Antigua.  It was a beautiful site and reminder of why we do what we do.  Afterwards, we visited a jade factory and store, a coffee factory and the market…lots of economy stimulation by our group.

7 – Drilling
Yes, typically drilling is handled by the men on the mission but they were gracious enough to let us ladies join in the fun…it was much harder than I anticipated but great fun.
Drilling 2

6 – Ron’s birthday
Listening to the villagers sing happy birthday to Ron

5 – Teaching Lee and Ron the art of the selfie 
Makes me giggle even now as I write this.

4 – Tortillas
Hanging out in the kitchen learning to make tortillas and chit-chatting with several village teen girls. We were not very successful all the time but no one seem to mind!

Tortillas 2

3 – Health and Hygiene Classes
What joy on the faces of the women and children during our classes.  We learned lessons, prepared crafts, played games and shared wonderful days together.


2 – Lots and lots of water
Our village well was a success!  We were able to drill down to 250 feet with 4 interval aquifers.  This was after three years of prayer and fasting by the village.  We were so honored to be part of their joy.

On Thursday of our trip, we left Cajola to head to Champerico, to visit COTHA’s second well.  It was a wonderful experience for several of our repeat missioners to visit the village and meet up with people that they shared a drilling experience with two years before.

1 – Being with James
What a wonderful testimony to serve alongside a spouse.  This was James and my first mission together but I am sure it won’t be the last.
Bread Coffee 2

Children 2

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